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How fashion blogging’s influencers are taking the next step with advertisements

Top Tier Bloggers Going Bigger With Their Advertisements

Yesterday, Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo announced that she will be launching a site redesign in the near future, and in a long and hefty post, she answered some of the questions that have been lingering on her readers’ minds. In one of them, she mentioned a major change that will be happening in her blog’s advertising:


Aside from Cup of Jo going from indie-advertising to Federated, it was reported this week that Man Repeller (aka Leandra Medine) was just signed to CAA, a top-tier Hollywood agency with names like Tom Cruise and Kanye West under their belt.

“I think they are great at representing individuals and they know how to execute,” she said in an interview with Business of Fashion. “We have the ideas, we just need an execution plan and that’s where they come in really well.” She also noted that bloggers deserve the credibility of a high level agency, “It’s also important to have someone as big as CAA standing behind you saying this is what you deserve.. I think more than anything what’s great is that they have taught me to think on a larger scale. This is our moment, so we may as well seize it.” Side note: BryanBoy is also signed with CAA.

Medine also broke down how her blogger dough rolls in, “I have a storefront but that generates no more than 10 percent. Ads must be 30 percent. Collaborations bring in 60 percent.” With an agency like CAA, I can only imagine the collaborations will be bigger, meaning more dollar signs for the MR.

What do you think about veteran (and top tier) bloggers like Cup of Jo and Man Repeller going bigger with their advertisements? What does this say about the business of blogging? 

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