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Discover Your NEW Klout- welcome the most significant product updates in Klout’s history!

Yesterday/ Today, it depends on where you live, #Klout, the leading INFLUENCE MEASUREMENT service, has made a total update of its platform- from its core influence management algorithm (which was criticized by all and everyone on the web), to the web site itself which has got a totally new look and feel (still in preview today).

I like a lot the new Klout!

About the new score system- in my case it looks like they’ve just added +10 to my score (yesterday from 64 it passed to 74, now is 72 in 1 day), but of course it’s not “just added”. However let’s monitor it for a while and we will see if the new one is better, not just higher ;)

I suggest you to read this article from the Klout’s Blog, so you’ll get the whole picture about the NEW KLOUT-

Discover Your Klout, from The Official Klout Blog

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