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Opinion. Net Promoter Scoring, Social Influence and Customer Service


Social Influence and Customer Service

A recent Forbes article outlined the plans of how a major customer service solutions provider now integrates Klout (a social media influence measurement metric) into their social customer contact solutions. This comes after a lot of debate around Klout, created by a San Francisco based company of the same name, which measures a user or brand’s ‘social influence’ across social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Klout does this by calculating an overall Klout Score by assessing a user’s presence on social channels, their followers, activity and the popularity of their content. There are other applications that measure social influence, Kred and PeerIndex among them, but Klout is the one that seems to be the most widely accepted.

The entire industry still is in the learning stages when it comes to the use of social media, and while tools like Klout do give us an understanding of how much we influence people with our social media activity, there still exist widespread concerns about the method in which this is done, and how relevant it is to each company. Another Percepta Blogger, Lindsay, previously wrote about the Net Promoter Scoring (NPS) system and its application and effectiveness on social media channels and how relevant it is for companies to use this metric to measure their customer service on social channels. With Klout and NPS 2.0 among the plethora of tools and applications available to analyse your company’s social media presence, a company needs to understand what exactly they’d like to measure, what actually impacts their business and aligns to company goals. This goes right back to your social media strategy – where does social media sit in your business strategy and what do you aim to achieve from it? This is by no means fixed, it will keep evolving as the medium and your company grows, but we know for certain you need to have a vision which these tools, if used correctly, will help you achieve.


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