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When will in-car tech go too far?


Let’s look at the future of automotive technology and driverless cars.


Car manufacturers may be rushing to pile cars with gadgets and automation to ease commutes, but when does too much isolation from driving become dangerous?

One of the most striking bits of automotive technology showcased at CES 2012 was the 17-inch Nvidia-backed screen in the new Tesla S Sedan. It reminded me more of a tablet than a car entertainment system, and Tesla has been the first to really get aggressive on things like apps for automobiles.


CES and the car that could kill you


Blending automation with human control

I think a better future was the one showcased by the Mercedes Benz DICE project, which put a Minority Report-like windshield experience in the car. With this technology, what you were watching showed up in a heads-up display, and you could better choose between the car driving or doing the work yourself.




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